A way across a national park leading to a lighthouse

Visiting England’s national parks

There are ten National Parks in England all of which are protected and which altogether cover 6% of the Earth’s surface! With so many parks to explore there are endless ...

A seaside landscape with some trees and sand

Weekend getaways in the UK

For an overcrowded island, the UK has managed to retain some pristine areas of natural beauty. The compact size of Britain means that you are never too far away from ...

A canal cruise boat passing by under the bridge

Relaxing Holiday Destinations

Most people consider holidays to be opportunities to take it easy and relax. Of course, people like to relax in different ways. Some want to be waited on hand and ...

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Berlin is one of Europe's most cultural cities

Discovering the Berlin Culture

Berlin, a captivating European city abundant in culture, should definitely be on your list when contemplating visits to that part of the world. This vibrant city boasts a unique albeit absorbing history and prides itself in having some of the most excellent museums in the world. It is also famous for having a lively nightlife, [...]

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A huge firework in the night

Immersing Yourself in Tokyo’s culture

Japanese culture is the amalgamation of various cultures that eventually culminated in a very unique culture indeed. Tokyo is seen as the heart of Japanese culture with noted Chinese, Indian, Greek and Korean influences.

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Family Holidays in Paris

Paris is for lovers. That is the adage, but once those lovers have settled down and had kids, there is no reason why they should not head back to the vibrant City of Lights en famille. There are plenty of Parisian attractions to keep the kids happy.

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A bridge going across the Amazon jungle and a tourist on it

Backing destinations for gap year students

Taking a gap year is an exciting and exhilarating journey that doesn’t have to cost the world. With so many specialist travel operators offering reasonably priced round the world airfare tickets, almost anyone can afford to jet off to their dream destination. If you’re gap year student that’s wondering which country to explore during your [...]

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